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Karmen Karamanian – Creative Director, red k.

As the Founder, Owner, and Director of Red K, Karmen Karamanian brings nearly 20+ years of expertise in visual communications, brand management, graphic design, and multimedia, as well as digital design and development.

Her multifaceted skill set allows her to approach projects with a holistic understanding, ensuring every element aligns seamlessly with the overarching company, product or campaign vision.

Karmen’s expertise extends across a broad spectrum of projects. From crafting brand identities for large-scale corporate identity systems to dynamic visual representations of complex data, she excels in distilling intricate information into engaging, visually compelling narratives. Her proficiency in digital design and development has led to the successful realisation of numerous websites, and applications, each characterised by seamless user interfaces and engaging user experiences. Moreover, Karmen is known for her expertise in Content Management System (CMS) websites, where she provides end-to-end solutions encompassing concept development, message articulation, design, copywriting, build, and launch. Her web design prowess extends beyond aesthetics, with a focus on enhancing user interfaces and driving traffic growth.

Karmen’s strategic acumen extends to social media marketing, communications strategies, and event development, ensuring that every aspect of a project is optimised for success. Her expertise in crafting marketing collateral and corporate documents is underscored by a commitment to professional presentation and impactful messaging. In addition to her extensive project work, Karmen is a seasoned advisor to global companies, offering insights into cross-border innovations, digital technology, and marketing opportunities. Her wealth of experience positions her as a trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age.

Karmen has specific Asia Pacific and Pacific Islands expertise having consulted for the World Bank Group since 2015 and the Asian Development Bank since 2017. Red k. is listed as a preferred supplier for both these companies as well as the Australia Pacific zClimate Partnership and the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.

Karmen also acts as consulting Chief Communications Officer for the Darwin Innovation Hub and it’s parent company Paspalis Corporation. The Darwin Innovation Hub, serves as the meeting point for commercialising business in Northern Australia. Paspalis is a one of Australia’s leading private venture capital firms. Together, Paspalis and the DIH work synergistically to drive business innovation and economic progress in Northern Australia.

Notable clients who have benefitted from Karmen’s visionary approach include the Asian Development Bank, Australia Pacific Climate Partnership, Australian Government (Departments of Industry, Innovation & Science, and Foreign Affairs & Trade), Carnival Australia, Darwin Innovation Hub, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation, International Finance Corporation, International Olympics Committee, The Multilateral Development Banks, New Zealand Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, Northern Territory Government, Paspalis, PNG Tourism, Strongim Bisnis, Surgical Partners, and World Bank Group.